Book Buddies

We will be starting our program in October.

Book Buddies is a yearlong program, ending about a month before school gets out for the summer.  As a buddy, your schedule is the same every week with the same student(s) to give you the opportunity to develop a “buddy” type bond with them.  These students love seeing a friendly face that comes specifically for them and look forward to their reading time every week.  Learn their name and a little about them.  Tell them a little about you, if you want.  Emphasis is more on the “buddy” aspect of this program than the teaching.  We want our students to LOVE to read.  Only then will they do it on their own, when no one is looking.  Look for books that are interesting to them:  Sports, Princesses, Animals, etc.  Foster the love of books in them.

All volunteers must have a SERVE form on file with the school district before being allowed to volunteer with the school in any capacity.  See the link below.  Additionally, please bring your Driver’s License or other ID with you as you will need it to sign in every time you come on campus.